Saturday, May 9, 2009


So while looking at some of the food blogs I like to salivate too I found a recipe for lemon cream scones here and if you can believe it I had all the ingredients and whipped up a batch and let me tell you if you like scones these are gooooood and easy to make. The only thing I did different was I used vanilla extract instead of lemon so the lemon was very subtle. My friend dawn once posted about a slab scone where you just roll out the dough and add some jam.
I happened to have some yummy purple plum jam so I made a couple small filled one again sooooooo good.
I have only five weeks till junebug is due and she is demanding some baked goods and so I have to oblige what kind of mother would I be neglecting the little one in my tummy?
Dakota has been making a brew of her own. She has been working on it for a few days now adding this that and the other thing. Essie really seems to enjoy it, I keep seeing her drink from it rather than her plain old water.

And randy caught dakota and i doing a little music and dance number and proceeded to ask is this what you guys do all day? The answer, 'well pretty much'

Tomorrow morning my parents and derek and tisha are coming over for some huevos rancheros. I am cooking breakfast on mothers day and totally okay with it. It may be because I am pregnant and want what I want the way I want it, well that is it really. I hope all you mommies out there have a great day just as you would like it to be.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Another wonderful wednesday. All in all it was really mellow. I had thought about taking the girls to the indoor play place, the clubhouse, because our time with marie is coming to an end and the girls love it, but the weather is just way too nice to be indoors playing.
So it was outside all day. In the pool out of the pool and always dress up.
Randy's dad got dakota a jeep several years ago and while it drives me a little nuts dakota and marie love it even if it is just sitting in it in the garage which is what they get from me. Sometimes I pull it allllll the way out of the garage for them to sit in and sometimes I just shut the garage and say NO!

But apparently while I was out running an errand randy busted it out plugged in the battery and off they went, I see visions of the future I am not so sure about.

After lunch popsicles were in order and there is something about sitting relaxing and having a popsicle that screams summer to me.

Then of course it was wednesday with the family and it was not my turn to cook, yay. Mom made yummy turkey enchiladas, beans, rice and salad. For dessert I made cherry dump pudding funny name but so good, so good with vanilla ice cream, so good cold the next day for breakfast, so good.
We all agreed that the two weeks felt a lot longer, what a great gift to not only live close to family but to really enjoy being around them. I can only hope that dakota will love being around her family as much as I do when she has a family of her own. If that is my future well then....I just don't know what to say, that would be....
Mom and Dad you are awesome and the fact that your kids look forward to seeing you weekly is says so much more than words ever could I love you.
While financial times may be hard I have the best life ever!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It is warming up around here. Yesterday was our usual tuesday. But we had some fun before we set out I hung up some sheets to air out and the girls loved it, shadow dancing I had not thought about it but it is great when you do something seemingly benigh and the kiddos get to have fun

Before I go any further I am sad to say I don't think we will being doing story time at the down town library anymore. I love going to story time but the readers there are really really really hit and miss and when it is a miss it is not good at all. The stories are too long and not at the level of the audience so it is hard to tell dakota to sit still and listen to the story when I know she can't get into the story. And so I have this sadness of really wanting to support the library but at the same time the reader at barnes and noble was awesome, she got the kids up and moving and read great books and was an enthusiastic when she read. My big dilemma.
We had a visit with Karni, which was great, junebug is head down engaged yay. The girls always love going and helping with the doppler and measuring.
So then we did story time and the park and then sierra picked marie up at the park and dakota and I headed home. When we got home the pool was ready and waiting for dakota and it was somewhat warm because of the sunshine.
Dakota does not like to be cold in water (see swimming lesson posts) so it was great for her. A little while later randy found this guy so dakota had some fun checking him out before putting him back.

And look my corn is sprouting yay!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cleaning the dirt.

Dakota must be feeling my nesting that has kicked in because today she was out cleaning her house.

And I am 34 weeks. I love it I am feeling good and just in a great place. What I don't like if I can be mildly lame for a moment is the pregnancy mask I have going on, me no likey.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A fun weekend with my girlie

Saturday randy headed out to get fitted for a tux for the wedding of his best friend next month so dakota and I had a mommy and kota day.
We started off with gymnastics, where she cracks me up, because she loves doing flips on my legs but flat out refuses to do them on the bar at gymnastics.
She loves going though just no bar flipping. She and her buddy addy do the class together. Little miss addy is almost a year younger than dakota but she has her training wheels off her bike. We met them at the park a couple weekends ago and I thought dakota might be into it, nope, no way, not going to happen. She likes her training wheels and they are not going anywhere.
After gymnastics we headed over to lakeshore for their free saturday craft. She made a little sombrero. It is a great free little activity that we have gotten in the habit of doing every saturday. They have done some really fun things and did I mention it is free!!!!
Then we headed to the park to build up an even bigger appetite.
Dakota, I think, talked to everyone there. I met a mom who was also expecting so it was fun to chit chat with her. We talked about our upcoming births and birth centers and home births.
It is really interesting that there is not a bigger push to have birthing centers attached to our local hospitals. I mean it seems like that would be the choice for so many people. We can hope for the future.
Then it was off to urban cafe for lunch, yummy, we split a sandwich. I got what I always get kind of forgetting that it is on the spicier side but dakota didn't seem bothered in the least, yay.
After urban cafe it was to marble slab for ice cream, it is right next door how could we not. I am not usually a chocolate fan. Let me rephrase that I like chocolate but not chocolate ice cream and if I am having in the solid form I prefer it with something else like chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and vanilla ice cream or chocolate and caramel. But we got the swiss chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, chocolate chips and almonds and it was really good, really good.
After we devoured the ice cream we headed over to barnes and noble. Friday night we went to their story time and they mentioned they would be having a mothers day tea party with story time, curious george, a short performance from the local high school, and crafts and tea and cookies. The performance was a little preview of a show VHS is doing in a couple of weeks, a musical. It was really good and I am thinking I will take dakota to the whole show, she watched them wide eyed and was obviously very into it.
After that she got her picture with george.
She was not really that into the crafts she really wanted to look around and read books.

Then we headed home.
But we weren't there long.
We headed over to our friends brock, gretchen and kyra's house. Dakota and kyra are bff.
They play great together and have known each other all their lives. We adults played some wii, very amusing.
And then as if that wasn't enough time with our buddies they came over today for some play time and they came with a new dress for the little lady. So cute.

I was trying out a recipe randy and I had seen on food network a pizza, one had turkey meatballs and a white sauce the other was a s'mores pizza complete with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and almonds. They were both good, but not knock your socks off tell the world, but hey that is why you try new things right?
A really great weekend.