Thursday, May 20, 2010

I was tagged

But I have been awful about getting online for anything lately. But here goes things in 3's about me

Three names I answer to
Kristen Kris mama

Three jobs I have had
baskin robbins (gained some weight) masse's (a pastry shop in berekeley gained a lot of weight it is so so so so good if you are ever up that way I highly recommend stopping. I would start my day with a warm out of the oven croissant followed by some cookies. I would then have lunch at this place called cheeseboard pizza again so yummy. I would end my shift with a fruit tart or lemon tart or some other yummy cake. so so so good) coffee bean and tea leaf (got really hyper)

Three places I have called home
sacramento morro bay berkeley
Three drinks of choice
root beer green tea frap that blood orange sparkling drink from trader joes

Three favorite tv shows
biggest loser project runway top chef

Three places I have visited
Boston, MA South Carolina Yuma, Arizona (sierra and I went on a road trip when we were 18 and that was one or our stops they have a proving ground in case you were wondering. We drove through las vegas and went to planet hollywood and we were able to order alcohol so then we thought we were cool and in yuma we tried to do the same thing and no dice)

Three places I would like to visit
Anywhere everywhere all over
favorite retro tv shows
the cosby show (was that not just the best show) threes company facts of life

foods that make me happy
ice cream ( I recently came to the conclusion that I have a dairy allergy which is just mean mean mean) pizza ( again mean) cookies, cakes, crisps, cobblers, pies (all with ice cream)(mean)

things I am looking forward to
my house being painted on the inside (randy you are awesome thanks love) summer stone fruit (yummy)
three people I am tagging
jenn rebecca (how are you?) jessica