Saturday, August 23, 2008

running and going stir crazy

So day four of being inside and I got to go on a run by myself no jogger to push (yay) while I love having her with me it can be a three ring circus. But here is the kicker it was an awful run, my legs were heavy I couldn't catch my breathe, just awful. I feel like in the spring I was doing great all(most) of my runs felt good, I could push myself and it was great. Lately the runs have been 50/50, so I thought today no jogger it is going to be a great run and I was sadly disappointed. What happened why is my running so inconsistent. It just is frustrating.

Little miss Dakota and I went in search of a park with no one at it this afternoon and we succeeded. Randy was watching his Vikings play so it was a perfect time to get out of the house. Dakota so needed some outside time. There is this tiny park down in the keys, really it is only for residents of the keys but there was no one there so we were happy. The bay is right there although the water looks less than fresh. After letting dakota dip her toes and knees in I saw a sign "water not for swimming" opps. It is funny to me, dakota loves water, when we are at the beach she doesn't come out until she has too because she is shivering and her lips are blue so I think okay she is a water bug. But in a pool or tub or jacuzzi she has no interest at all in dunking. We are starting swim lessons next month it will be interesting.
She has been really good with finding things to do. Today we played house and while I was on my run she and randy watched the Olympics. They found the gymnastics where the girls use props, like hula hoops. When I got home I got to watch the routine Dakota had made up, it was quite awesome if I do say so myself. One thing I need to work on is being more creative while we are homebound.
I dare say the pox are on the way out, I am noticing more scabs than red bumps so we will be back in the world in no time. The good thing about this blogging is I am back into using the camera

Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Photos and more chicken pox

Awhile back we did some family photos and we got the disk the other day yay! I feel like the pictures turned out really well. Obviously looking at the pictures makes me think about my family and I am so happy that we all live here in Ventura. I tease Randy that if we are ever to move we would have to make sure they were all moving with us. I really hope that Dakota feels the same way HA! No really I do but I wonder the likelihood of that. There are some really great other places to live but nowhere would be worth moving if it was miles away from my family.
On another note the chicken pox are getting better, I think some are still appearing but they seem to be appearing and scabbing over pretty quickly. While brushing dakota's teeth tonight she and I quickly realized that she got one in her mouth, OUCH. Poor little lady although it is not slowing her down one bit.

I was trying to get some chicken pox pictures of her front and back but she is such a silly girl when you put her in front of the mirror. She talks to herself and her friends. So not sure how well you can see the chicken pox but you can see her getting ready for a little sassiness. The funny thing is I remember when I was young looking in the mirror and then opening the medicine cabinet and seeing 500 of me and talking the the many mes as if they were my friends so it is a hoot to see her doing the same thing. I think I was more like 8 or 9 though. Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Okay so I am excited

So I have been thinking about this blogging thing all day like what should I post, what about some fun in the past should I/do I post that. Realize this is just the conversation in my head and then feeling silly that no no you can't post two times in one day on the day that you start it that is just silly. Yet here I am posting again because it just feels fun. I intend to share some grand thoughts with this forum but none are coming right now just wanting to type and see my blog grow ahahah. So on tuesday Dakota and I went to LACMA (Los Angeles Museum of Art) with our Friends Andi and Mia. First we had lunch at this yummy place called Urth Cafe, then we were off to the Museum. I should add that they have this Boone Children's Center which is free, we didn't go into the Museum itself, next time, but it was great fun for the girls who painted and built and glued.

Then we went to Sweet Lady Jane's for dessert and all I can say is yummmmmy. I got a slice of cake their Princess torte, a purple frosted cupcake for Dakota and a fruit tart. I am a huge lover of fruit tarts and good ones are really hard to come by but this one was delicious. I have see some people when they say a place they are able to include the website when the say "here" or something anyone want to venture how to explain how to do that to me??? Okay that is all for today but watch out for tomorrow.

Chicken Pox

Dakota has them. So far not so bad. She is itching but really good if I catch her she stops. I had shingles two weeks ago and I really thought we were in the clear but we were not. It is funny here I thought I would have tons to say but really not. I am hoping this blog will be a great way for me to look back and relive fun moments and a great way to share with my friends and family the goings on in our world. It is a good little world and I am thankful often. So more to come this is just the beginning.