Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am just beside myself. Having dakota has really changed my world view and not always for the better. I worry more about what this world is doing and did we make the right decision bringing another human being to this earth and today, last night my hope has truly been restored. People can change and therefore we can change the world for the better.
I am sad that california couldn't pull it together and make the right vote on 8, these times call for open minds and open hearts and I hope that it is taken to the courts and deemed unconstitutional, one day no matter what lies ahead for my dear sweet dakota may she be able to marry the person she loves, period!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A great fall weekend

What a great weekend. Halloween was awesome dakota was in hog heaven. We went up to Ojai, where we met up with her cousin Makel, lame me didn't get any pictures of the two of them together, when I get some I will post because they are pretty darn cute together. They both got these little gift bags from Aunt Tracy, Grandma Cha cha and Great Grandma Margaret with silly string. Dakota didn't want to spray hers she just wanted to run around away and into it. Makel on the other hand was all about spraying his can and the look of determination on his face says it all.

Our first stop for trick or treating was Great Grandma Lois and Great Grandpa Irvin, they were not expecting us so it was a great surprise for them.

Once we got into the real trick or treating dakota could not be stopped she and makel would come running away from one house yelling lets go to the next house, running and smiling the whole time. She did stop now and again to comment or compliment another child's costume, that was pretty cute. After about an hour or so Randy and I were done, dakota wasn't but Randy and I were and we are the parents so we made the call.

It was a good thing too because Saturday was a long day. A fun day but long. We headed to Gaggi and Papa's house around 8 to drop dakota off and took off to USC for a football game.

When we left ventura it was raining hard, i loved it and was sad to be driving away from it but off we went for some tailgating. Our arrival time 1030 game time 330. I must also throw out there this has been my longest and furthest trip and time away from my little lady, but she was with gaggi and papa so I was fine and so was she and originally I thought I wouldn't see her until this morning when I picked her up but we had to pick up essie (she just had surgery so my parents watched her too, thanks again mom and dad) from my parents so I got to give her a good night hug and kiss. So yeah back to the game and tailgating. I really went back and forth about going, for a couple of reasons but eventually decided that it would be a great day for randy and i and it really was. We hung out, I played some poker and I would have totally won but the rain made its way to LA so we had to pack up. Ha! I am so kidding I was on my way out but still I was having fun, I was in the final four (out of six) but still...
do you love my poker face

We had the little bbq set up, so some yummy food and then we headed into the game somewhat dry somewhat not, by the time the game started the rain was gone. Randy thinks it was a great game as usc had a shut out. I myself enjoyed the game but also enjoyed the yummy nachos with real bean and salsa.
Today was mellow recovery. I was hoping it would have rained but it didn't. I hope we get some more rain some time this year.