Sunday, October 12, 2008

friday picnic, saturday birthday party, sunday mellow

I love my life. I really do even when I feel like I am about to lose it I can still dig deep and remember that I love my life, it may not help my immediate mood but still.
We started the weekend with our friday picnic at arroyo verde and it was a beautiful day. I made the chocolate caramel slice
and it was yummy, there are a couple things I want to tweak about it, like milk chocolate instead of dark and then the crust I want to be more like shortbread.

The crust to me was a little to crumbly, that didn't stop me from gobbling it down.

Andi and Mia, and Jenn, Kai and Dax met us there and everyone had a good time. Dakota was having a blast not letting me take her picture and the camera

I have is on the slower side so I kept missing her.

On Saturday it was Noah's pirate beach party. It was a bit on the windy/chilly side but it was a lot of fun.
Amy did this awesome treasure hunt and dakota has been carrying around the map since we left yesterday looking for buried treasure in the house. Dakota has developed a real concern for seagulls ever since one took a snack cup away while we were at the track one day. The morning at the track we had walked away from our stuff and not covered our snacks and in came the birds and when we came running back the silly bird took off with the whole cup so now dakota gets really concerned about seagulls and as you can imagine a birthday party at the beach is sure to attract some flying visitors and then really through her off poor little love bug.
So then today we had a nice mellow day at home watching football. Not dakota's favorite thing but I thought we needed a mellow find things to do around the house kind of a day.
Last wednesday we did our usual to the parents and it was my turn to cook, which means no wednesday night cooking for two weeks yay. I made these stuffed peppers with black beans and cornmeal and cheese, quite tasty and then a healthy salad. We lost dakota and this monster kept wanting to come to dinner instead

Goofy girl. But we had a nice time as always. My parents got some new chairs for the back yard they looked comfy but these two guys didn't seem to want to let anyone else try them out...

And to add to the fun dakota found papa'a mallet, good times.....