Friday, October 2, 2009


dakota has been dressing herself for awhile now and usually her outfits are pretty darn cute but yesterday was one of a kind

Roller Dakota

and her team mate
the snoozer

after a long day of work it is nice to cool off in the pool

i think we need to post a no diving sign

Monday, September 28, 2009

Our weekend

(no talk of marriage this time but come on look at them:-)

Amy and family were coming to town and yahooo how we love to see them. Then dakota got the sniffles and amy and family are headed to d-land next week so the last thing they want is sickness. So after some chatting we decide to go for it and just be careful not to let the kids share food or drink, I went so far as to say no hugging, which I think totally threw them off.
Then shortly after arriving in ventura layla gets tummy sick so again after chatting we agree that it sounded like she gagged on something not that she was sick. So we finally get together at the park yay. And after awhile dakota and noah find their groove of easily playing together.

sweet layla

It was funny because it seemed like they were having a hard time finding that groove and at one point I was calling out to dakota who was playing in the sand with some other kids 'hey dakota you should play with noah he isn't going to be here for long' and noah corrects me and says it is okay because dakota is making a surprise picture in the sand for him, after that I let it go and they were in the zone.
leela watching the big kids

unfortunately we didn't get together sunday before they left, it was just one of those things, so that was a real bummer but at least we got a couple hours with them on saturday. Thanks for coming you guys.
Today dakota had a bake sale at her school
and I was lucky enough to come while she and marie were working the walk up window. However there was a shift change right when I got there so she never finished my order, apparently they take their shifts very seriously.
The kids seemed to be really enjoying it. We timed it just right because while I was there buying my goodies grandma cha cha and great grandma margaret came so they got to see leela and dakota.
Now I am off to eat some of the goodies I bought yum yum.