Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blast from the Towers Family Cookery Past

My mom used to make clam sauce spaghetti as part of her regular recipe rundown. It is very simple to make and just really yummy. So yesterday as I was wondering what to make for the wednesday dinner get together that is what popped into mind.
I don't think I have made it in over five years and I have not a clue why because it is gooooo-oooood, and super simple. It was such a beautiful evening we ate out in the backyard.
What is it about eating outdoors that makes dinner different, there is just a different feeling sitting in the backyard and ease or a something that is just so nice.

I hope that we do that more this summer because it was good.
For dessert tisha and I ran up to get some ice cream and these are the decisions that stump me. Staring at the on sale ben and jerry's is heaven but deciding on flavors that is tough. We, I think, came back with a nice selection.

I fancied the peach cobbler, so while the rest of the family got out bowls and tried a little of each I just got a spoon and dug in.
I have been working on a puzzle over there but I finished it last week and I missed it last night.

Earlier in the day dakota, marie and I met our friends abby and sara at the park. I was so good about sun screening the girls from head to toe AND myself arms, neck and face but for some reason thought that my legs that have been in long pants for the last seven months didn't need any.....ouch. Lame lame lame me it sucks being sunburned.
Sierra met up with us at the park and then we headed to her house for some more playtime and popsicles.

Sierra, Sara and I have been friends since we were nine years old so the ease of being with them and the conversation that flows is so nice and relaxing and funny. It is fun that we have all ended up with girls as close in age as they are.
It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people as everyday should be.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Day after Mothers Day.

When we woke up this morning dakota asked to go to the dog park (arroyo verde) which she never does. We don't take essie as much as we used to, in fact there was a time when we were going at least three times a week, dakota would go in the ergo and we would hike and it was awesome. She no longer goes in the ergo however the last time she did was not that long ago I was about six weeks preggers, she is my little lady. Anywho... we headed off and now a days it is more about playing at the park and exploring then exercising me or the dog.
The weather was not inviting but does that really matter when you are four?
It was fun, it was like a breakfast picnic I brought our breakfast and she played while I ate, HA. We had the place to ourselves pretty much. Then we did some walking around and I proceeded to get really frustrated because the amount of trash left from the yesterday was sad.
So dakota and I found some sticks to use as make shift trash pokers and cleaned up what we could.
Why do people do that? Why is it okay just to drop your trash where you stand? It drives me nuts.
In the midst dakota refound a tree that she had played at several weeks back.
The tree is hollowed out at the bottom and she swears there are many animals that live in there sharks, snakes, spiders and who knows what else.
After the park we headed home for some painting. I feel bad we haven't gotten the paints out in a while. It was very nice I did several and I just love to sit there with her and paint away.
After she asked me to tell her about the desire (I am assuming she meant motivation/why did I paint that) of my paintings so I went through and told her about each of my paintings, what it was and why I painted it and then she did the same for me. The theme that ran through both of ours was happiness.
The rest of the day was pretty mellow, she and randy ran out to get a gift for a birthday this weekend so I got some chores done. Then it was off to kindermusik, which dakota loves.

One thing that I really wanted for mothers day was a banana split,
but it didn't happen but today it did and let me tell you I may feel a bit uncomfortable at this moment but I ate the whole thing and loved every bite!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

My morning started off with some sugar. Dakota knows I love my candy and sugar so she and randy got me a twix and some starburst, yummy. I hate to admit that I love that kind of junk candy but I do and I try to never buy it so it was a nice treat.
Well the huevos were a hit (at least in my eyes) and I was feeling the need for some homemade flour tortillas so I attempted to whip some up. I think they were good the texture could use some work I think I may have over cooked them, but all in all they were really yummy.
The rest of the day was really mellow. Dakota who hasn't been napping took a great nap with me, which is somewhat of a curse because as I write she is still not asleep and probably wont be for another at least half hour.
In the afternoon our friends andi, mia and ed called and said they were headed down to the circus.
I don't think I have ever been to the circus and for a long time I was flat out boycotting them because elephants and circuses are just not okay or any large animal for that matter.
But I was told the largest animals there were horses and I had already uttered the word circus and so little lady d was totally jazzed.

So it was off to the circus for us and really it was very good. Dakota had a blast her eyes were wide the whole time.
She has had this thing for trapezes for awhile now and so we have youtubed them and today she got to see them for real and she was amazed.
A great day.