Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Long time no write

Last week I was all excited to blog that I found spiders "doing it" (yes I am 30+ saying doing it) and I took pictures and now days have gone by and I never posted so here to start off what I believe is spiders doing it...

sometimes I laugh at my own maturity level but it was really something I had never seen before and as all who have read previous posts know there is something about the insect/arachnid world that I am drawn to.

So we have been having a nice couple of days. Last friday dakota and I went for our friday picnic. Aubrei and Maya were there and it was really just a lovely day. I think I may have mentioned this but the friday potluck thing I am so loving just because I enjoy baking new things and this way I get to have friends enjoy as well and me and randy don't wind up eating the whole thing. So I made cream cheese swirl blondies with dakota as my sous chef

I think they turned out pretty good but I think they were even better a day later. This friday I am going to do chocolate caramel shortbread, yummmy.
Also on friday my friend tisa arrived in town with her two little ones, joey, who is dakota's age and violet who is just over a year. I have known tisa's family for years. I actually met her and her family through her brother who I used to work with. Then while living in berekely tisa and I were housemates and we just love each other. So dakota and joey have known each other there whole lives and they are pretty funny. Tisa has been making joey super hero costumes and they brought them down and joey and dakota got all dressed up pretty darn cute.

Dakota felt pretty darn spiffy in her batman costume.

Saturday dakota and I trekked out in the rain (wouldn't be considered rain by all but for us venturians it was rain) to what I think was ventura's first birth fair. Trying to draw attention to the fact that ventura's hospital big wigs are trying to take away women's right to choose how we want to birth our babies. Tisa was down helping to organize the event and while it seemed to be a success but there was not a single mention of it in our ventura star, very sad and disheartening.

So we hung out with tisa and family through out the weekend and today we said our goodbyes as they are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. But we got some beach time it before and the kiddos had a blast. We love you bowser family and we will see you soon hopefully.