Sunday, March 22, 2009


grumpy or not this picture makes me smile

Not a very good heading but I am and I can't snap out of it. Look for the source right? Some say you have the control to change your moods and I really want to believe that but doing it is a lot harder than just saying "snap out of it". So tomorrow I am going to snap out of it and just think good happy fun thoughts and see how it works. I have no real reason to be grumpy I love my life I love my family I love being pregnant I love that spring is in the air. I love that we changed dakota's gymnastics's class and she loves it and her teacher is awesome! I love that even though randy lost his job we are going to be okay because we are a family and because we have family. I love my essie dog, she is just a sweet lover girl who drives me crazy because she barks at any noise she hears or thinks she hears. This is kind of weird but my pregger belly is amazing to me not only because there is a baby in there but also because my skin is a little bit translucent and I can see a network of my veins and the human body just amazes me. I love what a healthy eater dakota is she may like her dessert but she also eats her spinach and bell peppers, nuts and hummus, carrots and celery and broccoli, sprouted peanuts and pineapple and melon and blueberries and I just smile knowing she is getting such good healthy food. I love that she knows that she is not supposed to have high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated and she asks. I love that randy wants to take care of this family and that it is important to him. I love knowing that no matter what he will. I love my parents, I love the comfort and ease there is being around them and while the thought of moving in with a person's parents might scare some to death I would be totally okay with it because at this point my parents are people I truly enjoy being around. I love my brother derek and his wife tisha, they are funny and talented and serious and caring and smart again I love being around them and I feel so lucky to say that. My life is filled with so many wonderful people and I feel blessed and loved and supported all the time even when I am a grumpy pants.