Sunday, July 24, 2011

butterflies alive

We went to a place in Santa Barbara today called Harry's Plaza Cafe
on the menu was a banana split for $25 and if you ate it all it was free.
I was so so so tempted but decided that I needed to plan for it so instead I ate lunch and ordered this
the cookie monster
and I am sad to say with the help of everyone we still didn't finish it.
We were up in Santa Barbara at the natural history museum
checking at the butterflies.
I was amazed at the patience dakota had,
one landed on her dress for a half a second and then it became her goal to have another one do the same.
So she sat for more than ten minutes waiting and waiting and waiting
it didn't happen again but it was so neat for me just to watch her.
We also ventured to the museum's back yard where anyone can push boats down a stream,
make mud pies, dig in compost it is awesome.
Little miss Leela loved it all, especially the hall with the birds
she was a little bit nervous in with the mammals too big for her.
We will be heading back soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

too much

Do I even remember how to do this.
Just talk and post some pictures right.
Well summer is in full swing for the more girls
dakota is learning how to swim
leela is learning everything
and i am still learning
We started off the summer with a camping trip with some good friends
up at lake san antonio.
dakota went tubing for the first time and loved it
leela loved jumping off the boat into the water
the long lasting story of the trip though
(along with good memories)
is the song Party Rock by lmafo?
something like that
every time the kids went in the tube that was the song they wanted
the kids were on the tube a lot
we listened to that song
and then being the brainy mom I am asked my friend to make us a cd of some of the
music we listened to including but not limited to "party rock"
to make a short story that could be longer shorter
leela is now singing
"pary rock in house too nye eweryone have good tine"
pretty darn cute
and in some ways so not okay.
That is all for now but I really miss this
so hopefully I will be back soon.
in the mean time here are some random pictures.