Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kids can have fun anywhere

Yesterday we were going to head to the park with Sierra and her girls
but first we were going to go by sierra's to get the girls fed.
Well we hadn't been there long before the girls started playing out back
and then some more friends came over and before you know it
the back cement is the best place to be.

I love that, I love that fun is anywhere and everywhere

and kids are the best at reminding us of that.
Leela, Sierra and I hung out in the shade
watching and laughing
and always chatting
and snoozing.

I may have mentioned this already but sierra and i have been friends since we were nine and ten. My family lived in a the condo downstairs from her family, it was awesome.
It is funny when you have known someone that long you would think that you have talked about everything but still we can talk for hours.

Leela had a bath the other day and I washed her head/hair for the first time.

She really likes water and bathing but she was not thrilled about the wet head.
Is it wrong that I love that picture, how cute is that sad face? Very cute!

She is already feeling big to me, she is growing too fast and it has only been five weeks! I once heard that women who nurse make different fat content milk and I think with dakota I made skim and with leela I am making whole, funny. Dakota was chunky for awhile and then it all went away and she was this tiny little mover and shaker.
I need to pull some of dakota's baby pics, our computer crashed so I only have them on disk now and haven't looked at them in awhile.
Five very awesome wonderful weeks. I was looking at a preggo picture thinking that was you (you being leela).
All cozy in my tummy growing and kicking, absolutely amazing.
My grandma is in town and this weekend so are my aunt, uncle and cousins.
And later my other aunt, uncle and cousin are coming for a bbq, good times ahead.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Photographer and Good times

So I have been meaning to post some photos but alas my time has been not spent at the computer.
Dakota has been really into taking pictures lately and while I know handing the camera over to a four and a half year old (we had a half birthday for dakota and now she corrects everyone, where as before the half birthday she would if someone asked her how old she was she would come ask me) anywho so I hand over the camera and then I get these presents when I upload the photos. I may be her mother, but I say the girl has talent.

This is her photo study of what used to be an outside candle holder.

I love how she got it from different angles and up close.

Funny lady.

There are more photos but I don't think you all would get the same enjoyment that I do so I will leave it at that for now.

Our little leela is growing and just putting a smile on my face everyday and she is smiling too and I just love it.
This morning she was smiling for dakota which was sweet and probably the first time for real.
Dakota seems to want to be in her face so leela can't focus on her and if dakota is not too close she is moving a million miles a minute. So today I really tried to explain stay a little ways back and sure enough the smiles came with ease.

There is something about a person smiling just because they see you that makes you feel like a million bucks.