Saturday, August 18, 2012


our little trapeze artist
Our good friends are back!  Who moves away and then back?  Our friends that's who. 
Today the s family came by for some fun, and fun was had.  
sweet girl

The littles played together and the big kids played and 
then they all played and then they broke off again
look what i can do
 and then they came back together again. 
head stands
 We ended the night with pizza. 

Monday, August 13, 2012


So we have been busy.  Last week we went to san diego for legoland and sea world.  
then came home went to the fair.
we have been to the beach the pool and the backyard.
school starts next week, it seems so long at the beginning and so fast at the end.
i have had a great summer and i think the girls have too.
for the most part it has been mellow, local and fun.
i feel fortunate that we have a good group of friends to play with so we never have to go far for a good time.
today i got dakota all dressed up in one of her back to school dresses.
side note-the kid has a good amount of clothes but yet I feel a strong urge for the whole new school i think it is the tradition of it, my mom did it with me and i loved it, but still it is a little ridiculous.
dakota has been so funny about the camera lately,
every time she sees me with it this is the face i get

so today i said hey how about we take some pictures today of you in your dress
and we can even put a little make up on
well she was all for it.  

but of course now leela is like no mom, no pictures.