Saturday, September 27, 2008

a night alone

this is dakots latest joy, putting things in front of her face when i want to take her picture!

Dakota stayed at papa and gaggi's last night. It was nice to have a night with the hubby. We went to dinner and then came home and watched our netflix movie. We really live on the edge when dakota is not here. But I really miss her when she isn't here, there is such an energy that she is and when I wake up without it I miss it and for awhile am at a loss of what to do with myself. But there is enjoyment in just waking up slowly with randy and not having to wake up until I am really ready a leisurely morning. Now I am off to go get her good-bye! Hahah just kidding she is going to go to the park in a bit (I have already called) and if gaggi said they were going to the park and I came and got her I would be in hot water.
On a side bug note I found the strangest little creature in my home yesterday, it was a little worm but had this tubelike home that it was carrying with it. Very interesting.

We also had a lovely picnic yesterday with some friends at the park. It was really nice, the word pot luck was never spoken but we all brought a food item to share and it was just a beautiful day with beautiful people.I want it to be a friday tradition. I made lemon honey cookies and they have to be up there as one of my favorites, but while I like the batter/dough it is not up there only because I think I really love the brown sugar in my favorite doughs.

do you like my attempt at being a food photographer.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


this was as we were leaving to meet up for our morning run, so foggy and yet I thought it was perfect and beautiful.

When we got down to the beach to run the water was so calm and tranquil, there was one surfer out.
As for the run itself it went good for the most part. I was thinking back and I think it was more than a year ago but another time where I felt similar to the way I have been feeling, heavy legs, only able to do the bare minimum, but it passed so maybe it is just the rhythm of my body. So I am just going to keep keeping on. Although I think the idea of cross training is a great one. And what derek said about the push remaining constant is a good thing to remember always.
So after the run we went to farmers market (see below) and that was nice it just always feels good to go and buy local. I am excited about apples and citrus but sad that stone fruit and melons and berries are pretty much on their way out the door.
Dakota had dance today and I keep hearing her teacher telling her to slow down, which is so hard for dakota, but a good lesson.
After Marie left we were off to a luncheon, ha, we went to the cheesecake factory for a fun lunch with andi, mia, aubrei, maya, jenn, kai and dax and we had a blast. I feel bad for the others sitting on the patio but it really was a lovely time. Dakota, Kai and Maya had a kissing party
and it was just about the cutest thing ever, wait till they get older won't be so cute and I am sure they will be mortified that we have pictures
There was some hugging and some ring around the rosies...

By the end of lunch I think it is safe to say all the kids were fried as I don't think any of them had had their naps but they all did pretty darn good considering and they all got along pretty darn good too.
Then it was off to the folks house for dinner... (not my turn to cook, yay) and even more yay was derek and tisha brought ferrero's pizza mmmmmm mmmmm good. Dakota once again made her dessert request while we did our hand holding. She was taking awhile to get out what she wanted to say and so there was some chattering at the table, she leans over to me and says please tell them to stop talking (uncle derek), funny. Always a wonderful time. But I am happy sad to report the search for tomato horn worms came up empty, which really I am sure my mom was happy about, have I mentioned how destructive they are...really!

Today I came across another preying mantis not the usual kind the kind that looks like a walking stick I wish that I had taken a picture but I was in the zone of cleaning up the front yard, which was so so so needed. But just wanted to share because....

Farmers Market

Aubrei has posted about her market love as has Dawn but the other day my friend Amber, and I were talking and she was talking about a post on her blog that she actually never posted but it was going to be about what does $20 get you at your farmers market, so here is my answer to the question that you didn't post but that I think you should because I think it would be interesting to see. This is what I got for $19 yesterday

Monday, September 22, 2008

How is it possible

name that face

that I run five days a week with a varied route, with hills, with sprints and still I feel like I am a person who just picked up running last week, come on enough already. I mean I hear people talk about over-training but that is sooooo not me I just want to get to a place where I have more good runs then runs where I feel like any opportunity to stop is a good opportunity to stop. I love my running I love being out early, I mean I curse it at times but it is not something I want to stop, so what gives. And that is all I will say about that.
Mondays are long days but good days. I have Marie all day which means dakota has someone to play (fight) with all day.
They are like siblings they play great until they don't and then yelling insues. But I don't feel right taking my usual afternoon nap which I have gotten so accustomed to, really I don't know what I will do when dakota stops napping because I don't do so well when I don't get one. I am sure sierra would be totally fine with it but i just can't do it. So off to the park we went and met up with Kai who was a troll under the bridge and dakota just thought that was great so for about a minute or two they were both trolls but marie was elsewhere so there was no one to cross the bridge and they moved on.
I think dakota is going through a growth spurt she has been eating a lot. The last two times I have gone to the park with the girls I bring what I think will be lunch and today it was enough for Marie but dakota finished what I brought, ate some of andi's food, then wanted "lunch" when we got home and last night she ate her whole dinner then a bowl of cereal, half an apple and woke up at 2 am saying she was hungry. Hungry girl. I am sure you found that all very intriguing. So I have realized two things one is that my friend dawn has really inspired me to look at ventura with the eyes of someone who has not lived here for as long as I have and I am trying really hard to remember that while I am out with dakota. The other thing that is totally unrelated but related in the story I am about to tell is that I feel like there is a void from the time dakota wakes up till the time she goes to bed we spend our time in the mornings doing things and I have this fear that if we don't get out again she won't be tired. Really I know I need to get over it but those are two of my thoughts. So today in an attempt to fullfill both dakota and I met up with andi and mia for a walk up to the cross, we have done this a couple of times and the girls have a blast, it is mellow so I don't feel like we are going going going all the time. There is this tree up there that look like a horse or imu or alpaca or something and I love it.
and I feel like this is what I need to be doing showing dakota the neat stuff of ventura that I fail to see because I have been here so long it is all sub par. The other thing we talked about on the walk was there was this great pine tree that had a ton of pinecones in all the different stages next time I am going to take pictures. But after the walk the girls played on the grass and it was just really nice except that dakota was freezing (I swear where is this girls mom no sweater today no shoes for the wedding geez) but once she got running and wrapped in Andi,s sling all was good.
On a total side note we have quit swimming we didn't go at all last week, we are done. But after the run today I had some smoothie and was freezing so me, dakota and marie got in the jacuzzi and guess who put her hole face in several times, dakota lillie moore. I feel like I did a lot more rambling tonight so sorry for that. have a good night.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday Night Pizza

just because this picture cracks me up

first rise

I love the smell of dough with yeast!

my shaping could use some work

I love pizza I really love pizza, if I could I would eat it most nights of the week. I am usually a plain cheese girl but I know have a daughter to contend with. Pre-dakota randy and I would get half whatever he wanted and half whatever I wanted, cheese. But know it is half kind of what randy wants and half pineapple, dakotas choice topping and I have to admit I am coming around the the pineapple. I made pizza on friday and it turned out pretty darn good. I have been struggling with the crust lately and I really think it is because my sauce has been to watery so friday I made sure the sauce was nice and thick ( I use a trader joes pasta sauce I would like to make my own but haven't mastered it yet anyone with homemade suggestions please share) and viola' yummy cheesy pizza, life is good. After pizza we headed to andi house and we hung out there with mia and maya while the moms and dads of the little ladies had some date time. I think that is the way to go one parent multiple kids two for one kind of a deal and the girls had a blast.

So I have mentioned that I am a dough girl but dakota is really a dough girl she tries every dough I make AND she usually likes it pizza dough included.helping

I myself am much more into the cookie dough sometimes the cake batter I like it sweet and yummy.
Okay so a good weekend I must say. I can't remember what we did yesterday... oh yeah we went to see igor and left about 30 minutes into it as it scarred dakota. The part that I saw was pretty funny but I agreed it was a bit much for her age and was happy she spoke up. We got there early though and got the popcorn and icee and milk duds, all awful but so great at the movie, but next time I am bringing my own stuff, for the sake of cost and health. I had actually gone to the liquor store to get some yummies, m&m's, hersheys a drink for randy but when I got up to pay I was told I had to spend $10 or pay 75 cents to use my debit card and that really annoyed me so I put everything back. I thought it was $5 but now it is $10 and I think that is just ridiculous. So yeah that was that. Then today football sunday. For those who don't know randy is a huge football fan and so sundays are football days and I was lucky enough to get a solo run in this morning which was awesome! I didn't feel as awesome as I would have hoped but andi and I ran arroyo and we started doing the major hill and then did the other really hard hill and so we stopped a little early but I really love running there. Then dakota and I went to the park for a bit so daddy could have some alone football time.
She is a girl in motion, she befriended a little boy and proceeded to lead him all around the play structure.
Then it was back home for some lunch, a nap and then over to our friend's brock, gretchen and kyra's house. Dakota and Kyra are best buds and they had a blast just enough play time so that by the time we came home she cleaned up, brushed her teeth, a book and asleep and that is what martha stewart would say is a good thing.