Friday, July 6, 2012

Not too long ago

me and my friend andi would go on all these fun outings with your girls (this back when we each had one little lady).  Andi and I both have a love of good food and while we love a good baked good any good food will put a smile on our face.  
So in our adventures food is always involved.
We are now a group of six but the fun and the food are just the same.
Today we went to some old favorites starting with a little eatery called Clementines
So yummy.
The last time we went it was national grilled cheese month this time it was not but that is okay I got one anyway.
It had sharp cheddar and a sweet tomato chutney on country white and it was tasty.
Andi got a watercress, cucumber, cream cheese and watercress that was awesome as well.
And for dessert there was a cupcake, a brownie, a blondie, a chocolate peanut butter bar, and a German chocolate cookie.  I tasted them all and was very very full and very very happy.
Next stop was LACMA 
The last time we went we just went to the boone children's gallery, 
this time we didn't even make it there but the girls enjoyed everything we saw.
Which included korean art,
 tube art, 
an exhibit called common place, 
metropolis II
 and a huge rock.
I am totally perplexed by the rock but I am sure it makes sense to some. 
Our final destination was another oldie but goodie
fruit tart 
key lime tart
princess torte
berry trifle
if i were alone in my house they would all be gone by me
i would eat them all and happily grumble over the tummy ache
but I am not home alone i have to practice some self control
otherwise people will get mad at me and say things like "hey that was supposed to be mine"
i try to teach sharing and sometimes it is harder than others to practice what I preach.  
A great great day.  Thanks Andi, cant wait to do it again.
as a side note I did blog about our first trip there and it was my second blog post, the now big girls were so cute.

Monday, July 2, 2012

what a great day

I take for granted that I live in a beach town
I know some people who go often
and I get it once you are there it is wonderful
the sound of the waves
the area my girls can cover without me hovering
the warmth of the sun 
total joy.
When we first arrived today it was cloudy but warm 
but as the day went on the sun broke through and it was just great.
I am working on giving dakota some room to roam
but at the same time keeping her safe.
so today she wanted to go wander the beach
she was with her friends so we moms gave them a pretty good distance
because it one direction there were very few people 
the rule was though if there were going to go they could only go into the water up to 
their ankles.  
All the girls can swim but the ocean is a whole other swimming ability.
So off they went to find sand dollars and practice their independence.
Of course not long after their outing ankles turned into knees and I couldn't the mom in me had to go and reign them in.  
Then miss dakota who was now in front of us went out to her waist and again I had that feeling of 
ahhhhh no not comfortable.
So after today I realized I need to get dakota into real swimming lessons so she can
be the girl swimming in the ocean that she wants to be
not that I will ever totally relax with her in the water but at least if I know she 
is a strong swimmer I will have a teensy tiny bit of calm.
Leela on the other hand was happy to stay and play in the sand.
She had a couple kiddos her age and they were having their own set of fun.
That is what I love about the beach it is an open place to play and there was something for both of my girls

and we were there for a long time and they were both happy the whole time.