Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'mom can I say fock'

are you kidding me.......
she is 4 and this is a question i have to field.
dakota has met and little boy who lives on my parents street.
he is sweet but.........he has three older brothers.
so today we were over at my parent's house
she and the little boy were playing in their backyard.
we don't know him that well so i was hovering (really i hover no matter what)
they were out of ear shot.
then dakota comes over to me
'mom can i say fock'
i had to hold it together just because of her pronunciation of it.
i just calmly said no that word isn't a good word.
dakota looks over at her friend
'no i can't'
obviously i will be hovering a lot closer the next time they play.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh leela

Leela decided to turn on to her belly today!
She was pretty proud of herself.
Then she was a little frustrated.

At first I thought it was an accident but then she did it a couple more times, she even showed her daddy. Everyday she amazes me and if it is possible to feel someones spirit I can feel hers and it warms mine, she really is amazing.
And her sister dakota is equally amazing, she is cracking me up these days.
She cracks me up when she says 'mom you crack me up'. She and I have decided to take weekly photos of her on her rock, the rock outside her school. It will be fun to look over the weeks and months.

She is so beautiful, inside and out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

pre waking

this morning in the pre-waking hour I moved leela to the center of the bed, usually it goes leela, me dakota randy. it doesn't start that way but sometime around midnight dakota finds her way to the "big bed". I have mixed emotions about our cozy queen bed, I wish it were a cozy king size bed really. I don't usually put leela next to dakota because dakota is a crazy sleeper but this morning I was awake and wanted to turn. So there was my husband and our two beautiful girls all facing me all asleep. Then dakota kind of woke up saw leela and cuddled right up to her wrapping her arm over her side and I was just... not even sure of the right word to use but it touched me. I was going to get up and try to take a picture but that would have stirred the bed and the moment would have been over before I could have gotten a photo. So I have it in my mind. I love my family so much I love my girls and my husband, our life is good and I am so lucky to have this family.