Monday, November 29, 2010

Lets try this again

Once upon a time I started a blog to journal me and my family and one day I stopped and I don't like that. I enjoyed my little online journal I enjoyed making time for this. So here I go to try again. We have been a busy bunch starting kindergarten

and turning 1 and making our house a home. We have been busy having our wednesday night dinners and going to the park with our friends.

Me and the girls took a trip up north to visit our good friends, we had a blast. We have had our share of visitors as well.

Things have really been good in our little world.
Dakota is LOVING school. She wants to go on the weekends. I had my concerns but they are no longer there she is loving it and learning what more could we want. I still think about homeschooling and hope that someday we will but for now we have found our place.

Leela is a funny feisty little lady. She tells these amazing stories where she uses her hands and really gets into it, I so wish I knew what she was saying. She has some words like bur for birds and ball and dog dog and abby for just about anyone dakota's age, all of dakota's friends are abby. She says sissy and bube for brother. Our little family is pretty awesome.
Here is to keeping you and me and this going. Love to all
ps I shaved my head