Monday, April 13, 2009

Dakotas first and best date ever!

A while back I was reading someone else's blog I am pretty sure it was nienie and she wrote about one of her daughters getting an invitation to go on a date with her godparents. And so I shared the story with uncle derek and aunt tisha.
Two weeks ago dakota got an invitation in the mail for a night out with her aunt and uncle.
She was thrilled to say the least.
For the last two weeks I have been answering on a daily basis when the date would be.
And then today, the day was finally here
dakota woke up around 630 and from that point on at least once an hour..."when are uncle derek and aunt tisha going to be here?"
Clock winding down from a long day and they arrive at 545
car seat installed
hugs and kisses passed out
and off they went.
I should have given them my camera but then it might not have been their special time.
They went to sushi and from what i was told she tried everything but was a little too excited to really "eat".
Then it was off for frozen yogurt and a trip to the beach.
She arrived home happy and more in-love with her aunt and uncle, if that is possible.
There is nothing like quality time to make the heart grow fonder.
Thanks you guys she had an awesome time!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I love my life. It may be hard or frustrating or this that and the other thing at times but all in all I am a really happy person.
How do kids know to wake up extra early on special mornings?
Dakota was up with the sun ready to see if the easter bunny had come to visit... and sure enough he had.
Or they had according to dakota there is both a boy and a girl easter bunny and they currently have babies that they brought along as well. Also according to dakota they came into her room and gave her kisses and then the girl bunny gave daddy a kiss and I got kisses from both. I love the stories she tells.
So up with the sun to an easter basket with toys and candy. I tried really hard to not go over board and I would give myself a C. On saturday me and my girlfriend went out to get goodies and I bought stuff and then realized I didn't need half the things I bought, well dakota didn't and so I took the stuff back. HA I had my friend do it because I was embarrassed having just left the store 20 minutes earlier. I love you Dione!
Dakota was thrilled and then it was off to the backyard to look for eggs.

After the fun at our house we headed to gaggi and papa's for breakfast and more easter fun. Derek and Tisha came and my mom and dad hid eggs not only for dakota but for the adults too. Guess what was in the adult eggs...$$$$$ goooooo team moore.
Randy found a lot but I opened them so doesn't that make it mine?
We had a great breakfast and some more chocolate and then headed home.
The rest of the day was pretty mellow. That is until Superhero Dakota showed up and she was very busy swinging from swing to swing saving the queen and just being a superhero.

Happy Easter Everyone.