Thursday, June 4, 2009

A good couple of days.

Really I should say a good week.
Monday was the wonderful shower.
Tuesday my girlfriend and her kiddos arrived
Wednesday Randy, Dakota and I went to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum.

Today dakota got her costume for her upcoming recital
and we played the rest of the day with tisa, joey and violet.
So tisa and i have been friends for a long time I was first friends with her brother, winter, but she stole me away, hehehe. She and I were roomies up in berkeley. We had the cutest little apartment and we were a great match. She did most (all) of the cleaning and I did some of the cooking and I was always bringing fresh flowers home. Dakota and joey are only about three months apart and they are a hoot together. So on tuesday they were reunited and off to play they came is briefly to eat but other than that they were off exploring and being daredevils (riding joey's scooter down this incredible steep hill) there was part of me thinking this is going to end badly and I should step in but the other part was that is totally what I would have been doing when I was a kid and the were both fine. And little miss violet, who will be two in july, was keeping up with the big kids no problemo and it was sweet because they were really happy to have her.
Wednesday I realized that our little family is going to be growing very very very soon and I wanted a family outing before we grew.
We headed up to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, mainly to see the butterflies alive exhibit but really the whole place was really neat.

Dakota was into it all and by the time we made it to the butterflies (it was cold so we did it last in hopes it would warm up, which it did while we were in the exhibit) she was into it but seemed liked she enjoyed the other things more.

In the insect room they had the chrysalises of the butterflies that put into the butterfly exhibit which I thought was really cool.

And then the butterflies were just beautiful.

It was a really nice day.
dakota testing her photography skills, watch out papa

Today Dakota went to dance class and we were surprised to learn the girls were getting their costumes and they got to do their dance in them which was so fun. Dakota is so excited.

After that we went to see karni which is always awesome, hearing junebugs heartbeat and really just karni's presence is so calming and nurturing I always leave feeling so good and ready for the arrival of this little junebug.
Tisa, joey and violet came with us so after the appointment we headed to the park. And after that it was off for ice cream, me wanting ice cream can you imagine.

We did some running around after that because this little one is coming really really soon. I don't think I will be getting another post in before the arrival. So with that I say good night and think amazing thoughts for me and junebug.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Showered with Love

me 38 weeks andi 34

My girlfriends had a beautiful shower for me and andi today.
It was so sweet with tons of yummy food and two cakes, that were AWESOME, I wish that I had gotten pictures.
I feel so loved and so lucky to have such awesome people in my life.

Amy, Noah and Layla made the trek down to celebrate with us and dakota and noah didn't miss a beat.

Although I have not updated you all. Dakota has informed me that she will not be marrying noah or anyone for that matter!
Nope she realized that when people get married they move out of their parents house and she has no intentions of doing that she will be living at home FOREVER!
And it was the sweetest thing ever, later on in the day dakota shared with noah her plans and he said that he was still going to marry her, is that not just too much.
Those two crack me up. I hope no matter if the marry or not that they have this awesome friendship always.
It was just a great morning. And we were not near either of the play structures and all the kids did so well finding other things to do and even being able to see the structure it was never really brought up or a concern

which was great.
They were running and climbing and playing hide and seek.
There were swings that they were playing at a lot but still it makes me happy when I see dakota just enjoying what is around her because that is what being a kid is about just having fun, right?
total temptation they so wanted to get in that mud

Thanks again ladies what a great day and what great friends you are!
One of these time when we are all together we have to get a photo of all of us kids moms all of us!