Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thrush Thrush hurry hurry and leave my girl Thrush Thrush

Any Paula Abdul fans out there get that funny title, hehehe.
Yes thrush glorious painintheasssoannoyedwantittobegone thrush.

It all started with what I thought was a run of the mill diaper rash
but no, not your run of the mill diaper rash
your I am not leaving you can't get rid of me rash.

So called my midwife, beautiful glorious karni, and she suggested without delay get her and I
both on gentian violet gave me instruction and the put monostat or some thing like that on her bottom.
Well stupid me got the monostat but headed for the doctor just for another opinion. The funny thing is karni trusted me enough to say yes what you are describing sounds like thrust treat it this way. But I didn't want to trust that, I wanted to hear something else I guess I wanted to hear an easy answer.
So we went to the doc who confirmed yes it was a yeast diaper rash but he could see any signs in leela's mouth so he said to just use the monostat, which I was thrilled because the only thing I want leela ingesting right now is milk.
But the stupid rash would go away and then come back the moment I stopped the monostat.
So I decided that I needed to treat her, all of her. And still it persists and I am about to lost my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leela has another two days on the gentian violet, I am going to see karni today and we have an appointment with the doc. So so so annoyed and frustrated.
In more exciting news dakota is a swimmer. I am not sure what changed her mind about dunking in the water but watch out world she is a swimmer.

Randy got a pretty big blow up pool from target on sale for $15 and it is a good size and she just decided she wanted to swim from one end to the other.

We have been staying busy playing with friends.
Dakota has a couple more weeks of dance before they close for the month.
Visit with grandma was great.
When dakota was about 6 weeks old we flew with my mom to see my grandma because she had open heart surgery. So it has been nice that she has gotten to bond with both my girls when they were/are very young.
Last wednesday we did our usual dinner with the family
and it was my turn to cook and I did my stand by pizza's.
Dakota had ideas of her own and asked if she could have a ball of dough.

She made a pretty good fat little calzone thing with mozzarella, goat cheese and capers, and it was good.....
And I had nothing to do with it I handed her the dough and I moved her creation into the oven, that was the extent of my involvement.
It is already wednesday again we are headed to farmers market then tonight I think derek is doing stir fry with a bunch of veggies from their garden should be very tasty!