Thursday, November 20, 2008

blog tag

So I got tagged by Jenn and I need to come up with seven things about me that I think would be new to you and I am having a hard time coming up with original thoughts. I keep wanting to answer like you did jenn I read aubrei's too and I keep finding myself thinking along the same lines as you both. So here goes

1) I went on a reading strike in high school and can not remember ever actually reading a book that was assigned, it amazes me, and I still got good grades.
2) I think falling is funny, really funny, I mean I don't like to see people get hurt by any means but to see someone fall is a hoot the lack of control the awkwardness, funny.
3) Someday I would love to do the hawaii ironman.
4) I am not an organized person, don't open my drawers or look in my car not a pretty site. I have always been "messy" I think I am a ton better than when I was a kid but still a work in progress.
5) In grade school me and my best friend tried out for the talent show in both the fourth and the fifth grade and both times we were denied. Hello at that age isn't everyone welcome. And then one of those times the teacher in charge took our song and choreographed her own number she invited sierra and I to be in it. I think I thought about it and decided no but sierra was a no from the get go.
6) I want to live somewhere with seasons but would only move if my parents and brother and his wife moved too hahahha
7) Never in a million years would have thought that I would get the chance or even knew that I wanted to chance to be a stay at home mom I am thankful for it everyday even the days where I want to run and hide in the back of my mind I feel like the luckiest lady alive.

and now I am tagging dawn and rebecca in arizona
have a good evening

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I used to love making forts when I was a kid, and then getting to sleep in them was the best. My brother, derek, was the master planer. He was the kid who would make these awesome Lego cities and cars, or ships that actually looked like ships so needless to say we/he made some pretty good ones when we were kids.

Dakota and Randy made a fort after dinner tonight. She loves it, just as much as I did. This little secret hiding place. The next thing I want to do with her is camp in the backyard, which makes me laugh because I think about that and then I think how we lock down the house each night but we would go ahead and sleep right out there where we think the breakeriners might be HA! funny.

Added to the fun of the fort homemade cookies.

That really was just a foto opp dakota didn't get to eat the cookies there....for fear of ANTS in the morning.

Monday, November 17, 2008


dakota last november!

So it is november in ventura and we played in the pool today.

When is this heat going to be gone. I mean it is great fun and all but really how about 60 degrees shoot 65. At least it is starting to cool down from the weekend, we have had the pool out since friday I believe. My friend Dawn in Nova Scotia is hopefully sending some cool weather and moisture. I will be waiting.
Really it was a great day we started the day with a walk down at the beach with Aubrei and Maya, Aubrei when we were just about done jumped in the ocean and I kick myself for not joining her but I was wearing my pants and the thought of them being wet and hanging on me stopped me, silly really, but it was great to see her just jump right in. Then we headed off to arroyo verde park to meet up with some friends for some nice play time. Which it was until dakota lost it. Sweet girl has started yelling at me when she is frustrated, at the top of her lungs yelling at me. So we promptly left because that just doesn't fly. But it gets me thinking about how much emotion she has going on inside to yell like that and how do I want to continue to handle it. Because first off it is just not okay, yelling at anyone when she is frustrated is not the way and not only is it not the right way but it is the wrong way. But she is in the moment of pure frustration and not sure how to deal with all that and at this point unsure what to do with it. Do you ever wonder if we moms of this generation over think things? HA! Anyway I want to try to help her find a better way of expressing all the emotion. Open to suggestions.... I do know that I have to be the example and I am not a yeller but I am far from perfect when I get upset so I think I will start there, what do I look like to her in the moments where I have lost patience???

On the drive home she was very sad and very sorry and told me she was sorry and that she loved me and then of course I feel bad for being upset with this beautiful, tender, sweet LITTLE girl who is still learning all the time.

The rest of our day was great as they all are really. really

This is what my sweet girl fell asleep with last night not a doll, nor a teddy bear, soft blanket no

a card! silly girl. thanks titi.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday at the Folks

The day started off with apple pancakes ( I love her blog the chicken pot pie looks amazing) bacon and eggs. The apple pancakes need some work they didn't come out like the picture and were a little more doughy on the inside but still the flavor was good. Then dakota and i headed off to my parents house. We were just planning on staying for a couple hours but truthfully that never happens.
We get there and then it is lunch time and then why not have dakota nap there and before we know it hours have pasted and we have a great time. Secretly it is a nice break for me, mom and dakota are playing so i get to sit back and look at my mom's latest magazine or work on the puzzle (there is almost always one going) or just sit with my dad and watch football, very relaxing for me. But all the while dakota is totally engaged with gaggi.
That is not to say I am lazy, me no. I mean I get up and play a little too. really.
My dad has been excepted to a masters program at.... dad what is the school again?... anyway it is for their fine arts program in photography (correct me where I am wrong dad) anyway he has this great new camera and it is amazing to see the difference he let me use it and while dakota loves to make faces at the camera and run from the camera I caught her in a moment of singing happy birthday to me (not my birthday)
as she was bringing me some apple and cheese. I think she is just the most beautiful little lady and I just adore her.

And now that my dad has his fancy new camera I get his old (not old he just bought it maybe six months ago) camera to use for the time being, yay.
I am so proud of my dad for going back to school, especially doing photography. He has always taken these amazing photos and so it is wonderful to see him pursuing this passion. This is going to sound lame but sometimes at moments I feel old (relatively speaking) but then I see people doing new things at all ages and it reminds me that I am so so so far from old and that I still have tons of time to find my passions and go out and live them.
Thanks for having us over mom and dad we had a great time as always.