Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Guilty of not blogging in forever. We have done some great things since my last real entry.
I guess I never really posted that we bought a house! Holy moly we bought a house! We are loving it. The funny thing is you buy a house and we thought more space but somehow it gets filled up with stuff pretty quick. Dakota's room has been the first to really get some tlc, purple walls to start and freshly painted bed. It is not done but it is much further along then anywhere else in the house. Randy has started on my kitchen which I am thrilled to say more than one person can stand in, yay.
Dakota has embraced five and I still say five and it stops me, where did the first five go she was just my baby. She has since relearned how to ride her bike sans training wheels. Still a great big sister who loves her little sister A LOT! I love her.

Leela has entered the world of crawling and teeth growing. She got her first tooth about a month and a half ago and the second one was right around the corner. She is so sweet. I love her.

I know this entry is kind of boring but it is more of a catch up entry for me I am really going to try to start again because the whole reason I started it was to keep up with us and to have a journal or this time in our lives. But that is it for now.