Friday, August 29, 2008

Mixed Emotions

So Dakota has been talking about getting her hair cut short for awhile and today we did it! One part of me thinks it is her hair she should be able to wear it short. For so many of my years I have worn my hair the way other like it, should
that really start at 3, I think not. But I really miss her long hair! She looks like a older little girl and I don't like that. But it will grow
back right. We did the whole thing went to Jack-n-Jills, she got to pick out her cape and everything. But I am still sad. And then tonight she is staying with my mom and dad and I am heavy hearted because this growing up is just happening way to fast. I know it is so cliche but it is way too true. I have been looking at a ton of old pictures and I miss that little girl. I love to watch this growing and changing process but it is really hard too. I is sad to see, just as it is exciting and fascinating. So today I have very mixed emotions.
This last picture was two years ago this month.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A good day

So we are done with the chicken pox hooray! She was really awesome throughout the whole thing even being cooped up inside. Today Marie came over and the girls had some fun, they also had a couple of wars. This sounds funny but at times I sit back and watch to make sure no one gets hurt but I wounder if left to their own devices can they solve their huge situations on their own. So far it is still pretty darn hard to do but I just don't want to jump in at every rise they have. Having said that we had a good day. I got to make some scones while they played. I am not thrilled out how they turned out but still yummy. I love good food. I love when I can make good food.
The other thing we did today was went to cemetary park. A park with just grass, no play structure!!! At first Dakota was said she didn't want to go to a park without a play structure and it hit me wow she is so used to having something to do at the park. We brought bubbles and a ball and we met some of her friends there and you know what she had a good time! HA! Can you imagine playing in the grass doing somersaults and cartwheels and chasing bubbles and kicking a ball can be fun! Note to self more outside play time at places without play structures!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I was looking at some old pictures and I wanted to remember how the body painting all began and right off the bat I guess she didn't have much choice she was not given brushes.
I am not sure when I introduced brushes to her. But it doesn't seem to matter as she doesn't like to use them anyway.
Aha there it is the brush but it obviously came after the hands.
I love it. I love looking at the old pictures. I love that she is so tactile she needs to be one with the paint. It is just awesome!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots and lots of Energy!

So today I had four kids over and just me and let me tell you I am beat. Jet, Sophia, Dakota and Marie had a great time playing and being silly. The morning started out with tea for three as Jet had not yet arrived.
After Jet arrived there was house and chase and jeep driving and swinging and little people. They were everywhere and I was so not prepared. And I couldn't fit them in my car, it could have been a perfect beach day. But I think they all had fun.
Then came the painting. As hard as Dakota tries she just can't help but get into her painting.
And Marie was ready to follow suit.
And together watch out!
So after that the sprinkler had to come out and even with the sprinkler and being rubbed down the bath was still blue!

It was a fun and busy day! I think back to when my grandma had her five children and I wonder what the heck she did day in and out but they had a farm with plenty of CHORES to do. I think that we may be the first generation to be re-staying home with our kids but instead of helpers around a large home or a home with many many many thing to do to occupy time we are attempting to find other meaningful ways to engage our children and teach them the important things. Did that make any sense at all besides in my own head?