Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome the New Year.

So 2009 is going to be awesome, it already has been pretty fun and it is just getting started. We had a great christmas and dakota was awake to help us welcome in the new year.
Right now I am trying to get my head around 4, 4 years old, it has been almost 4 years that dakota since dakota was born and really 4 seems so so so much older than 3 and I just don't think that I am ready for a 4 year old, I mean I am but come on 4 that is, that feels so much more closer to a kid and not my little baby girl.
She has been just as goofy as ever the other day she was doing laps in the back yard and then racing, complete with headband, HA! She is a hoot.

So I am also realizing that I am out of blogging practice I feel like I have already run out of things to say. I am sure I will find the groove again, but until then I am off to cook dinner.