Thursday, April 30, 2009

we have had some fun

I would really like to find my blogging rhythm again. When I am not being a diligent blogger I don't take as many pictures and I love looking at pictures. In the mean time I will try to remember what we have been up to.
A few weeks back me and dakota headed up to the ty warner sea center in santa barbara with our friends andi and mia and it was really great. Just the right size for dakota and mia. Dakota is so funny when we go to places like that because she gets so excited her body wants to move that excited fast, she wants to see everything as fast as she can.
It is hard to explain to her to slow down and enjoy each thing. Dakota got to touch a real shark and sea cucumbers and starfish, really great. Unfortunately my camera battery died two pictures into the trip. After the sea center we walked across the street to the great park there. We had a nice lunch, ha, the park was in view (our mistake) so the girls were itching to go play. We stayed there for awhile then headed over to the carousel and took a ride. Then it was off to crushcakes, for some yumminess. Dakota and I got the crushcake, the peace cake and a lemon all were very tasty but the frosting was too much for me personally if you can believe that. I love my sugar but I am very picky about frosting, there is a level of sweetness that is too much for me. I know that doesn't sound possible but it is.
And thanks to my awesome mom I got my garden planted and have started getting my backyard looking better. Last year me, derek and tisha, and my parents all had our gardens but we didn't really think about because we all grew the same stuff and really how many zucchinis can one family go through.
So this year we planned it all out so we have a bigger variety and we will do a swap on our wednesday dinners, brilliant I say. So with the big ol' round belly I was having some trouble getting going, so mom came over and helped me get the ball rollings and now I am on a roll, yay. Thank you mama I love you.
Then today we just had a really nice day. Randy was home and he packed us (me, dakota and marie) into the car for a surprise trip to a new park we hadn't been to yet and it was so fun.
He ran around with the girls playing pirates and going to a new park is just so fun. Then as if that wasn't enough he took us to in & out for lunch, sweet daddy.

The evening was topped off with a girls night out. My mom came over and took dakota and I to dinner, we went to cappricio's.
For the last three years I have done the ventura county aids walk and for the last three years cappricio's hosts a kick off night where they donate 20% of the evening to the walk so for the last three years me and dakota and my mom have gone and it was soooo yummy and for a great cause.
So that is the latest and greatest hopefully I find my rhythm again.

and all the while I am out june here we come.