Friday, August 14, 2009


Dakota is starting preschool monday and I am excited and really sad.
I am excited because she has been asking for a very long time.
I am excited because I know she will have a blast.
I am excited that I can do chores at home while she is gone
and I won't feel guilty that I am not playing with her.
I am sad because I want to be her teacher and right now I am failing that assignment.
I am sad that there is somewhere she wants to be that is away from me.
I am sad that she is getting older.
Don't get me wrong I am excited for these changes as well but sad too.
I have thought that I was going to be a homeschooling mama and I hope that I still will but then I think maybe she will do better if I am not her teacher.
Maybe not.
She can't take her shoes off at school, this is going to be very very difficult.
She has to wipe her own bum when she goes poop.
That is going to be messy.
If she falls...when she falls I am not going to be there.
Some will say they have to cut the strings, she has to grow up.
But at four she doesn't need to grow up at four she can need me as much as I need her.
Everyday she becoming more independent, without my help.
Here is to a sad and wonderful monday.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

always good times

Do you love my outfit? Yes it is a bit much and yes I feel silly posting it but come on I look good right and dakota hand selected each piece just for me. Including the boots which I bought many moons ago, check out the lift on them. And really everyone deserves a good laugh now and then... so this is my present to you.
We have been a busy crew. We have been just enjoying each other and playing with friends and living life.
A couple weeks ago we had a play date over here at our house.
It was fun the kids played inside outside and everywhere in between.
My girlfriend andi had her baby, anya, she is about six weeks younger than leela.
They are pretty darn cute. Then for more fun we added fletcher in with the ladies he is a year older than leela and is my birthday buddy.

Lots more swimming.

And lots more growing for leela.

We went to the fair on saturday with our friends brock and gretchen and their daughter kyra.

The girls had a blast together and us adults ate our way through.

I also busted out the paints the other day and some things never change, dakota painted on paper then herself, my funny girl.

And while Dakota does really nap anymore (I am working on getting them back) the other day she did and she and leela shared their first nap together.