Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today was our good friend Maya's birthday party, Happy Birthday Maya!
It was a great party, with face painting

and hill climbing
and butterfly wing painting

and bubbles and yummy cupcakes, it was just great.
Dakota went a little crazy with the face painting, not only did she have her face done but both hands and a rainbow and a mommy with face paint too.
painted face and naked belly

When we got home the painting fun was not over.
I have been wanting her to paint my belly and seeing how I am 38 weeks now I thought we better do this before it is too late.

So more paints came out and she went to work.
It is a large canvas and she really worked the whole thing.

She did a "sunset" so maybe junebug is coming at sunset we shall see.
Dakota came around sunset too, things that make you go hmmmmm.

I want to do it a couple more times if allowed she was really into it and it was fun for me too.
But like I said I am 38 weeks this baby could come at any time.
I have the curse of thinking that she is coming early which translates into "be prepared for a week late you fool for thinking you are going early"
so we shall see. One friend has made a june 9th prediction, we shall see if she is right???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where can you get the best corn burritoes in Ventura?

My House!

My wonderful hubby made dinner tonight, his specialty, corn burritos, he even makes his own red sauce that is so yummy.
There is something so nice about not having to come up with dinner, when someone else takes care of it, such a treat. Thank you my love.
I have this condition it is called being pregnant, which I love it is awesome BUT I love to eat and my stomach is crammed way up next to my lungs so I haven't felt hungry in awhile now. But I love food and eat as if my stomach is not squished and then I feel awful and full and can't breathe because my full squished stomach is in turn squishing my lungs. I need to learn to eat small meals, I tell myself this even when my insides are normal, but do I listen NO. Am I going to start now? Probably not but it is something that I think about.
blurry but you get the point

So I am 37 weeks and I can't believe it. I can tell junebug is running out of room because her movements are telling me so. I feel like in the last two days I have grown a lot! Junebug is going to be here soon, so soon and I know that at that moment it will feel like I just found out that I was pregnant but at this moment if feels like forever.