Monday, March 8, 2010

Happiness is...

My grandma towers (my dads mom) had this little book and inside taped were newspaper cut-outs of a series of a youngish couple, naked and doing cute, silly things and then it would say happiness is... and it would be something sweet and silly like the couple would be sitting on the couch the husband with a grumpish face and the wife with the last cookie and it would read happiness is sharing. Well lately I say that to myself a lot, I will be doing something and in my head I say for example happiness is waking up with good hair ( i say this in my head when i am first looking at myself in the morning and my hair is laying just right). I don't know what prompted me to start this habit in my head but I am rather enjoying it almost every night I say to myself in my head happiness is taking my bra off, really it is great after having worn the darn constricting thing all day it is just nice or getting into my comfies, happiness is putting on my comfies. I have a ton of them that I say to myself in my head everyday, the same ones, like happiness is smelling leela's breath
or happiness is laying down with dakota at night helping her fall asleep. Happiness is wednesday nights. Happiness is wednesday nights when I don't have to cook. Happiness is seeing the ski looking really cool.
Happiness is a hug from randy. Happiness is finding pictures that dakota took on the camera.
You finish the sentence
Happiness is....