Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fooo fooo

that is leela's word for santa or hoho.
(thanks for the adorable jacket titi)

Sunday we went to Oxnard for their candy cane lane.
We went with randy's cousin's family.
Mr. M is about the same age and dakota and they have some wild fun together.
It is fun to see all the different ideas people come up with
but it is really fun to see dakota and mr. m and leela awe-struck.
Running from house to house and so excited that they can't stand still.
Leela was awestruck as well she is not so sure about fooo fooo but from afar she like to look.
Before we headed to oxnard dakota and i went to skating plus for some birthday fun.
Dakota has been three times now and she loves it.
It is funny to think that a million years ago skating plus was my friday night hang out, me and sierra thought we were so cool. How times have changed, not only the thinking we were cool part but also our parents would drop us off and we were only in the 5th grade, but we certainly were not the only kids our age there without parent supervision, it was just a different time, different rules, different concerns.
As for the rest of the week it was filled with days at the park
and fun in the backyard.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lets try this again

Once upon a time I started a blog to journal me and my family and one day I stopped and I don't like that. I enjoyed my little online journal I enjoyed making time for this. So here I go to try again. We have been a busy bunch starting kindergarten

and turning 1 and making our house a home. We have been busy having our wednesday night dinners and going to the park with our friends.

Me and the girls took a trip up north to visit our good friends, we had a blast. We have had our share of visitors as well.

Things have really been good in our little world.
Dakota is LOVING school. She wants to go on the weekends. I had my concerns but they are no longer there she is loving it and learning what more could we want. I still think about homeschooling and hope that someday we will but for now we have found our place.

Leela is a funny feisty little lady. She tells these amazing stories where she uses her hands and really gets into it, I so wish I knew what she was saying. She has some words like bur for birds and ball and dog dog and abby for just about anyone dakota's age, all of dakota's friends are abby. She says sissy and bube for brother. Our little family is pretty awesome.
Here is to keeping you and me and this going. Love to all
ps I shaved my head

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I was tagged

But I have been awful about getting online for anything lately. But here goes things in 3's about me

Three names I answer to
Kristen Kris mama

Three jobs I have had
baskin robbins (gained some weight) masse's (a pastry shop in berekeley gained a lot of weight it is so so so so good if you are ever up that way I highly recommend stopping. I would start my day with a warm out of the oven croissant followed by some cookies. I would then have lunch at this place called cheeseboard pizza again so yummy. I would end my shift with a fruit tart or lemon tart or some other yummy cake. so so so good) coffee bean and tea leaf (got really hyper)

Three places I have called home
sacramento morro bay berkeley
Three drinks of choice
root beer green tea frap that blood orange sparkling drink from trader joes

Three favorite tv shows
biggest loser project runway top chef

Three places I have visited
Boston, MA South Carolina Yuma, Arizona (sierra and I went on a road trip when we were 18 and that was one or our stops they have a proving ground in case you were wondering. We drove through las vegas and went to planet hollywood and we were able to order alcohol so then we thought we were cool and in yuma we tried to do the same thing and no dice)

Three places I would like to visit
Anywhere everywhere all over
favorite retro tv shows
the cosby show (was that not just the best show) threes company facts of life

foods that make me happy
ice cream ( I recently came to the conclusion that I have a dairy allergy which is just mean mean mean) pizza ( again mean) cookies, cakes, crisps, cobblers, pies (all with ice cream)(mean)

things I am looking forward to
my house being painted on the inside (randy you are awesome thanks love) summer stone fruit (yummy)
three people I am tagging
jenn rebecca (how are you?) jessica

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ode to

My husband.
and happy birthday too.
So the man I married almost nine years ago and met nine years ago turned a year older today.

He had me the first night I saw him.
I went home and told sierra all about him
and less than a year later I was a Moore.
(dakota took this picture)

Sometimes I watch him when he isn't looking
and I smile at his goofiness with his girls

or I hear him talking to his son
man to man
and I am proud of him.
Proud that he loves his family so very much.

Nine years ago this month we had our first kiss
the knees.
I am not an easy person
I even call myself crazy
He even calls me crazy
but he loves me.

Happy Birthday to my husband, my friend, my meal ticket, my water getter, my girls daddy, my softball coach, my sugar daddy, my handyman, my mechanic, my gardener, my psycho usc fan.
Thanks for all that you do.
(dakota a day old)
I love you!

*I can't find any photos with randy and i together, well just the two but that is not good.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ode to

My Brother
You know how the saying goes something about 'you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends'
(derek and dakota)

Well if I wasn't related to him I would hope to be his friend.
All my life I have adored him.
When he was nine or so and I was 6 my parents thought that we would buy a boat and sail around the world.
We lived in Morro Bay for almost four years.
(there was a joke there, did you miss it we never sailed around the world we stayed docked in Morro Bay)
It was two adults and two kids on a thirty foot boat.

To me I hit the jackpot my brother and i shared the berth at the back of the boat and our parents were a mere five feet away. I was the child who always sneaked into my parents bed or derek's.
So not only did he have to share his room with me and his bed with me he had to share his one friend with me.

Not many kids down on the docks in Morro Bay, there was one, Casey and as luck would have it he and derek were the same age and they became the best of friends.
It seems that no matter what stunt they were up to or what adventure they were on I was tagging along
derek let me.
My memories all seem pretty positive, I think he might share a different perspective but really we got along.
I do remember a time when we got into a "fight" and I was so sad I cried and wrote about it in my diary.
Throughout our lives he has been a person I look to for support, a person who makes me laugh, a person I listen to and a person I value.
Don't get me wrong he had his fair share of older brother moments,
you know the ones,
the ones like sitting one me thumping my in the chest
yes he had his fair share of those moments.
But lets be honest if he didn't he wouldn't be human.
He and I have had some good times
A couple years back I somehow talked him into running the LA marathon with me.
We spent some serious time together
and made some memories.

Lots of jokes about bowels because let me tell you when you are running that much your feet aren't the only things having issues, if you know what I mean.
I love you der,
thanks for being a great brother and a great friend.
I feel lucky that somehow our paths crossed and I get to have you on this "life" journey with me not only as my older brother but as one of my best friends.

as a side note I know I have pictures with derek and leela but for some reason I couldn't locate them, because not only is he an awesome brother but a great uncle as well. the list could go on and on because if you haven't noticed I think the world of my brother but I am going to bed now. love to all.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happiness is...

My grandma towers (my dads mom) had this little book and inside taped were newspaper cut-outs of a series of a youngish couple, naked and doing cute, silly things and then it would say happiness is... and it would be something sweet and silly like the couple would be sitting on the couch the husband with a grumpish face and the wife with the last cookie and it would read happiness is sharing. Well lately I say that to myself a lot, I will be doing something and in my head I say for example happiness is waking up with good hair ( i say this in my head when i am first looking at myself in the morning and my hair is laying just right). I don't know what prompted me to start this habit in my head but I am rather enjoying it almost every night I say to myself in my head happiness is taking my bra off, really it is great after having worn the darn constricting thing all day it is just nice or getting into my comfies, happiness is putting on my comfies. I have a ton of them that I say to myself in my head everyday, the same ones, like happiness is smelling leela's breath
or happiness is laying down with dakota at night helping her fall asleep. Happiness is wednesday nights. Happiness is wednesday nights when I don't have to cook. Happiness is seeing the ski looking really cool.
Happiness is a hug from randy. Happiness is finding pictures that dakota took on the camera.
You finish the sentence
Happiness is....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Guilty of not blogging in forever. We have done some great things since my last real entry.
I guess I never really posted that we bought a house! Holy moly we bought a house! We are loving it. The funny thing is you buy a house and we thought more space but somehow it gets filled up with stuff pretty quick. Dakota's room has been the first to really get some tlc, purple walls to start and freshly painted bed. It is not done but it is much further along then anywhere else in the house. Randy has started on my kitchen which I am thrilled to say more than one person can stand in, yay.
Dakota has embraced five and I still say five and it stops me, where did the first five go she was just my baby. She has since relearned how to ride her bike sans training wheels. Still a great big sister who loves her little sister A LOT! I love her.

Leela has entered the world of crawling and teeth growing. She got her first tooth about a month and a half ago and the second one was right around the corner. She is so sweet. I love her.

I know this entry is kind of boring but it is more of a catch up entry for me I am really going to try to start again because the whole reason I started it was to keep up with us and to have a journal or this time in our lives. But that is it for now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Five Awesome Years

The day dakota was born my life was forever changed, forever blessed, she blew the ceiling off how much love I thought I had in me. The love she opened up in me, I remember, was so overwhelming. I felt capable of loving everyone and everything more than I had known before she came.
Over the last five years I have gotten to know this little girl, this little person who is absolutely amazing. She loves life, she loves people, she loves her family and friends. I watch her and think how can I be more like her.
One of the greatest moments in my life was when dakota was born, I felt so powerful so alive so in-love. But another great moment in my life was being in labor with leela with dakota.
Having her there was so important to me, she held my hands she rocked with me, she was beautiful. And now watching her everyday with leela, it is so special. Every morning dakota wants to be there when leela wakes up, she wants to make leela smile and having this daughter this beautiful person share her love with her sister warms my heart.
I love you dakota lillie moore for so many reasons. Thank you for choosing my to be your mommy.