Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ode to

My Brother
You know how the saying goes something about 'you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends'
(derek and dakota)

Well if I wasn't related to him I would hope to be his friend.
All my life I have adored him.
When he was nine or so and I was 6 my parents thought that we would buy a boat and sail around the world.
We lived in Morro Bay for almost four years.
(there was a joke there, did you miss it we never sailed around the world we stayed docked in Morro Bay)
It was two adults and two kids on a thirty foot boat.

To me I hit the jackpot my brother and i shared the berth at the back of the boat and our parents were a mere five feet away. I was the child who always sneaked into my parents bed or derek's.
So not only did he have to share his room with me and his bed with me he had to share his one friend with me.

Not many kids down on the docks in Morro Bay, there was one, Casey and as luck would have it he and derek were the same age and they became the best of friends.
It seems that no matter what stunt they were up to or what adventure they were on I was tagging along
derek let me.
My memories all seem pretty positive, I think he might share a different perspective but really we got along.
I do remember a time when we got into a "fight" and I was so sad I cried and wrote about it in my diary.
Throughout our lives he has been a person I look to for support, a person who makes me laugh, a person I listen to and a person I value.
Don't get me wrong he had his fair share of older brother moments,
you know the ones,
the ones like sitting one me thumping my in the chest
yes he had his fair share of those moments.
But lets be honest if he didn't he wouldn't be human.
He and I have had some good times
A couple years back I somehow talked him into running the LA marathon with me.
We spent some serious time together
and made some memories.

Lots of jokes about bowels because let me tell you when you are running that much your feet aren't the only things having issues, if you know what I mean.
I love you der,
thanks for being a great brother and a great friend.
I feel lucky that somehow our paths crossed and I get to have you on this "life" journey with me not only as my older brother but as one of my best friends.

as a side note I know I have pictures with derek and leela but for some reason I couldn't locate them, because not only is he an awesome brother but a great uncle as well. the list could go on and on because if you haven't noticed I think the world of my brother but I am going to bed now. love to all.