Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday on Thursday

Thursday was a busy busy good day. Dakota had ballet in the morning and then I was off for two appointments so dakota and randy had the rest of the morning to themselves and I think they had fun.

It is fun to be uploading pictures and come across ones I had no idea were there.
After I got home I convinced dakota to take a nap, which has not been happening and it needs to but she has been waking up late which leads to late nap which leads to late bedtime which is tops on my list, that is going to bed early I need my evenings mostes. I knew we would be out later than bed time and she just gets CRAZY when she doesn't sleep and is up late. So after nap I started in on my second pie of the month.
I found this recipe in the food network magazine which I am really liking. I have tried several recipes from the magazine and have enjoyed most if not all of them. This pie recipe was for a sugar cream pie and it is funny because reading the recipe I was not that excited but there was some thing about it that kept calling to me to try it and I am glad I did. It was super easy and super yummy.
We paired it up with some farmers market strawberries
after a super yummy spaghetti dinner my mom made. I love love love her spaghetti, it is always a little different but always similar and it could be one of my favorite meals.
It was a very nice night not a lot of chatting. Me, derek and dad got sucked into a show after dinner and dakota and mom were reading elsewhere. Tisha was not there and it was not because it was her birthday, which it was, it was because she had her anatomy II final on her birthday, which she rocked! So we were thinking about her and she was there is spirit.
Dakota is in a show with her ballet place next month and she was going to give us all a little preshow viewing, she even invited some other guests.

But what she did was some starwarslightsaberinterprative dance funny stuff.

Then, the little lady just cracks me up, I was telling everyone this hysterical story about dakota and this woman. We were at a birthday party and this older woman there, who must not be around very many four year olds, introduces herself to dakota, the woman says her name and then asks dakota can you say, I can't remember her name but let's say for the sake of the story Patricia, and so dakota says patricia then dakota goes on to say 'my name is dakota can you say dakota'! Too funny, I get finished telling the story and me and mom are in hysterics laughing so are dad and derek but mom and I have lost it. Dakota on the other hand leaves the room, totally sad that we are laughing at her. It took awhile to explain to her that we were not laughing at her and that it is good to laugh and to see humor in life. She was okay in the end but it never ceases to amaze me how fragile her feelings can be at times, how sensitive all of us can be when we don't understand.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So my sweet love dakota loves snails. And I love dakota so I try to be very considerate of her feelings and we gently move snails that we find away from areas they (the snail) are not supposed to be. But this morning was the last straw..............

Those suckers are goners! I will have to be discreet but snails if you are out there reading this consider yourself warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sugar, Round and a New Do!

I have a sugar problem and it is a good thing I am already round because this little cooking, buying, baking thing I have going on is really helping in the round department.
This evening after dinner I decided I wanted rice krispy treats, I love them, I really love them. Who ever thought to add melted butter and marshmallows to cereal really hi the nail on the head.
But we still have pie and ice cream and these silly vanilla wafers I bought from trader joe's, I asked myself kristen do you really need to make these tonight???? And of course the answer came back 'helllloooo yes I do, make them right now'
And so I did and they hit the spot.

I read a book awhile back to dakota and I am forgetting the name at the moment but it was a caribbean rapunzal story and in the beginning while the mom is pregnant with repunzal she craves sugar cane, that was the name of the book, sugar cane, the caribbean rapunzal. Well the mom and dad talked about how the baby was going to be sweet as sugar cane because of the mom wanting it so desperately all the time. So that is my belief I am just doing my part to make a sweet person.

So that covers the sugar and roundness and as for the new do well you can kind of see it in the belly shot. Thanks again mom! She is helping me feel beautiful inside and out. I am so far digging the cut and the bangs. And I figured after I delivered that is just not the time to be messing with your hair. I did that with dakota and hated it hated it hated it. So for me I think the key is before is better than after.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What have we been up to?

Saturday we had a very busy day and sunday we had a really mellow day.
After gymnastics on saturday we headed to kyra's birthday party complete with a huge princess jolly jump.
All the kids were in great moods, it was not that hot, gretchen's mom made a ton of chocolate dipped strawberries which accidentally didn't get put out so guess who got to bring them home, ME!
Then later after a good nap, daddy headed out to play some poker and kyra and gretchen came over. Kyra didn't have a nap so as evening rolled into night she actually told gretchen she was ready to head home, poor little lady had a big day and she was tired. Dakota and I curled up and snuggled before heading off to dreamland.
Sunday I headed out on my own to meet up with a girlfriend which was so nice we walked and talked. We talked a lot about my concerns about the whole labor thing I am going to be going through in the near future. I am so excited but know what to expect this time, well lets just say for me and my personality the unknown is better. Well that is not totally true I look back on dakota's birth and realize how strong I was and that gives me strength for what is to come. And really I am excited to go through it again it was the most intense, raw, real, wonderful experience of my life. But I still have some concerns...
Then as if that wasn't enough for a sunday morning my mom treated me to a pedicure, I love you mom. A couple months back she and I went to this little free cooking class without dakota, it is so strange to be with my mom and not have dakota with us. But we did enjoy our time together as weird as it felt so sunday was very similar. There is something about just being able to enjoy the company of my mom and just hanging out with each other that is really nice. There is part of me that feels really guilty saying that but I know it is good for me, ahahha.
Today we had play group with some friends. There was a silent memo that must have gone out because people kept showing up with food and food is just a great way to add more fun to any get together. It was a great morning.

Then when we got home I got to work on a blackberry pie
(amy you should come down soon I am in a pie baking mood). Saturday I made a bet with randy and lost and his prize was a black berry pie. The pie is good but a little bit to juicy, needs some little tweaks.

The big news is dakota is learning to ride her bike without her training wheels. We had tried it a couple weeks back and she was totally not interested but while I was out on sunday morning she and randy took them off and started practicing and all I can say is wow.
And look my garden is growing more and more lush and beautiful everyday.