Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ode to

My husband.
and happy birthday too.
So the man I married almost nine years ago and met nine years ago turned a year older today.

He had me the first night I saw him.
I went home and told sierra all about him
and less than a year later I was a Moore.
(dakota took this picture)

Sometimes I watch him when he isn't looking
and I smile at his goofiness with his girls

or I hear him talking to his son
man to man
and I am proud of him.
Proud that he loves his family so very much.

Nine years ago this month we had our first kiss
the knees.
I am not an easy person
I even call myself crazy
He even calls me crazy
but he loves me.

Happy Birthday to my husband, my friend, my meal ticket, my water getter, my girls daddy, my softball coach, my sugar daddy, my handyman, my mechanic, my gardener, my psycho usc fan.
Thanks for all that you do.
(dakota a day old)
I love you!

*I can't find any photos with randy and i together, well just the two but that is not good.