Friday, July 20, 2012

using my dads camera

The story of three friends. 
now five friends
It was the summer before i went into the fourth grade, my family lived in a condo and as luck would have it a family moved in above us with a little girl my age, sierra.
Fast forward a year me and sierra are the best of friends,

then we meet sara.

fast forward
we had the girls think of words that described each other this is what the older girls think of miss leela
nine years ago sierra has a baby girl
several years later sara has a baby girl
then me (sweet dakota)
then sierra.
the me again (lovely leela)
Lots of girls.
funny us three lifelong friends all have girls.
anywho the title is using my dads camera.
well the three of us have been talking about using that awesome camera to take photos of all our girls
for almost a year now
this week we did it
and i just might have a new profession.  
but when you are working with your kids it is hard not to get a big head 
because of course they are beautiful.
it is also hard to remain sane while trying to take pictures of your children in a slightly 
controlled way.
All in all the day went really well and i say day because that is how long it took.
sierra lives right by this beautiful eucalyptus forest so that is where we started with the swings.
then one of the girls had a melt down
so we broke for lunch then headed down to the beach.
by that point leela was done
and it was ice cream bribery time.
so that was how we ended the day.
It was exhausting but i am super glad we did it
super glad we had dads camera
super excited to learn more about said camera.



Unknown said...

i love this ms k. so sweet. please come north and take pics of our kiddies.

Dawn Suzette said...

Beautiful. What a treasure to have such friends... and daughters!!!
You know how I feel about cameras!! Yes! More!
I was just thinking about my dads old camera the other day... wish it had it.

Derek said...

Another awesome looking day. How cool to have such friends.