Saturday, July 14, 2012


My friend's dad works for a woman who has a beautiful home
i have never been inside the home but I have been lucky enough
to be able to go there and swim
and that is a treat.
today was beautiful and hot and the perfect day for such a pool.

and as if that wasn't enough, she has fruit trees
peaches, purple plums, green plums, nectarines and a mulberry tree
yummy and we got to pick some and bring it home.

 and for that day i feel lucky.
 a couple days later
me and the girl went to the beach with some friends
the sun stayed under most of the day
but that didn't matter one bit
except when I had to go into the ocean which was very very cold
to pee.
but other than that it didn't matter
the littles stayed close digging in the sand

the big girls did a little bit of everything.
they loved the rock with the seaweed still attached

they loved the snacks
they loved the ocean and were thankful that the sand was warm to come lay on.
dakota came home with half the sand from the beach in her suit.

today more friends
a pool in the backyard
a sunshining day
just dance for a break from the sunshine.

when i think of the things I am lucky for it is all the above
but also
running water
that i can make hot or cold
a toilet that flushes
a bed that is soft with covers that keeps me warm
and a fan if i get too warm
the list goes on and on for all these everyday things that
don't really matter to me
but really do
To know when you have enough is to be rich beyond measure.  lao tzu



Dawn Suzette said...

Wonderful days...
You have me melting with all that fresh fruit. I remember the days Wes would come home from jobs at places just like that loaded down with fruit from the owner! Yay.
There really are so many things for which to feel lucky!!

ssvermi compost said...

This is really good. I like it very much.