Saturday, July 28, 2012

our week at a glance

still loving dads camera and experimenting a little bit more.

one of dads photos
monday feels like years ago, we went to santa barbara to play with butterflies and get dirty.
Tuesday we went to the park with a friend in dakota's class.
it was very cute i told dakota 'hey we are going to meet so&so at the park'
and dakota gets this dramatic look on her face 'why didn't you tell me,
mom he is so smart, he can do math so fast'
it was very sweet.
once we were home dakota played with her friend who lives on our street.
we have such a great street.  
three boys who are dakotas age and one other little girl
then a little boy leelas age and a little girl leelas age.
it has been a great experience in letting dakota go and not hovering
allowing the older kids to ride their bikes out front and just play.
one sunday afternoon our next door neighbor had a pool in the front lawn and we hung out all day.
i love this street.
wednesday sara and abby came over.  the girls played wash the bricks with toothbrushes
sara and i thought it was pretty funny, they didn't get it.

abby and leela working hard to get the bricks clean
then we went to moms for family dinner night.
i made a peach cobbler and i didn't like it so that was a bummer.
dont get me wrong i still ate it but it was not a cobbler
much more cake like, didn't keep the recipe.
random photo. me playing with color saturation and exposure
thursday we met up with a friend from dakota's softball team at a pool.
she and her friend hadn't seen each other sense softball ended so it was fun to watch them just fall back into friendship, i love that.
thursday night randy's cousin was in town so we went up to his grandma's for dinner 
and the cousins played.
and friday mellow morning followed by thrifting with friends.
i love thrifting but i just can't go with the girls anymore 
i was so frazzled when we left.
dakota had a sleep over with gaggi last night, leela was going to but called to let us know she had changed her mind.
this morning when she woke up the first thing she says to me is she wants chickens,
chickens that lay eggs
chickens that go baak baak.

pretty darn cute.  

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Derek said...

Great photos miss Kris. One correction though, the photo of the callalily (sp)is mine.